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Gallery Booth at the SOFA Chicago
Litvak Gallery
Nov. 2008 / USA
This first official launch of the Litvak Gallery. The booth was designed to serve two purposes: the first was to create a selling and meeting area featuring the glass art of Lucio Bubacco; the second to house and exhibit Lucio Bubacco‘s large (6 x 4 x 3 metres) sculpture installation "Eternal Temptation", and the background music that goes with it. This so-called "black box" is separated acoustically by a dark smoky plexiglass wall. But the wall also works as a visual bridge between the "Eternal Temptation" glass installation and additional parts of the booth: i.e. the book selling area (in the centre) and the video performance at the other end. The black-and-grey background colours enhance the brightness of the art glass and distinguish it form the rest of the fair where white was the preferred and predominantly colour. Architect: Norman Sandler Architects, Seattle.
The Litvak Gallery booth live at SOFA Chicago
Norman Sandler Architects
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